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Coding God and Pervert

Pocket Pussies founder, coder and all round fan of perverted materials.

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Jul 15

Back off short break!

So much catch up to do, it’s not even funny!

Will announce winner(s) of the first PP content this week, and kick off competition number two just in case you didn’t win.

Not much to update in the way as progress. Kimmy was on holiday too, plus the whole laptop debacle.

One thing was I’ve received an email of Peter Payne at J-List about my inquiry about launching via them, or any interest in the project. Watch this space! ;)

Jun 30

spacemarine37 asks...

Hey, just catching up with you (as well as making sure i emailed you at the right email x3) Is there anything else you need to be able to confirm my purchases? If so let me know^^

Sorry, still wrestling with the laptop rebuild - dont need any more information and will contact everyone when I’m back in working order!

Jun 28

And Our Winner Is….?!

Nobody yet. Because Fuck Microsoft…

So yeah… rebuilding my laptop tomorrow. Will pick a winner then!

Jun 24

Fecking Windows 8.1…

Learned the hard way why you read the fine print of a UA, especially with Microsoft..

Upgraded my development work laptop to 8.1 on Friday and was super pissed off to find you have to create a “” based account to even install the fecker. In my haste, I used a rather angry profanity based selection of details and not realising it was converting these to my login credentials for said laptop. The password most importantly, was likely something along the lines of “fuckyoumicrosoft”.

After the install, I’m straight into Windows so I dont actually notice the change and close my machine down for the end of the day.

Well… fast forward the weekend and upon turning my laptop on I’m greeted with a login for a Mr Wayne Cough Inmemouth and the Hotmail based username. Fuck.

So 24 hours later, four different support people, each one explaining why I dont have access to the secondary email address of and my laptop is still a glorified paper weight..

So yeah… might be a wee bit of delay in this weeks update unfortunately! :(

Jun 19

Win Your Own NPC!

Tomorrows email update will include details of how you can win your very own NPC for Pocket Pussies…. *exciting*

Jun 16

eroticacoustics asks...

Helloo, so I recently tried to confirm my pledge through the registration site. I put in the correct order number and the correct email address, but I accidentally put in the wrong offbeatr username. Would it still be confirmed?

Hmmm… I have to check them manually so as long as your email is correct, that should do!

Jun 10


Just got an email about the official Pocket Pussy website and the updates for it. Looks good!

Thanks! I worked pretty hard on it! ;)

Jun 09

UPDATED - 200+ Images in the Gallery!

Site update should be live. I’ll kick out an email to that effect later, but the gallery section is now updated, working and contains 200+ images for you to enjoy!

We’re missing some of the characters at the moment, but there is definitely plenty to see! ;)

Jun 09

Site Gallery Update Coming This Evening!

Finished the Gallery code today thankfully, and worked out how to automate file watermarking and resizing in Photoshop which saved me doing it for 200+ files!

Just uploading the collection now, and we should have it live this evening!

Also, did you want your own NPC but think that they were too expensive?

We have a series of 3 competitions starting this week to give away 3 of them!

Watch this space! ;)

Jun 08

the-rippy-one asks...

Hey there - I tossed you an email, but this seems to be a more reliable way of getting in touch,so, Hi! Firstly,sorry people are dogging you - game dev is hard!Secondly - I can't complete the new sign-up due to my pledge level requiring certain information to be entered (which of the 7 seals plushies I want) - but I can't find anything about the 7 anymore. I remember Bonnie is one...? Offbeatr page covered some of the potential 3rd stages, but no 2nds, and those are now poof anyways. Help?

I was SURE I’d responded to your email?! Losing the plot in my old age!

I have a new update to the site that was supposed to go live today, but the sun came out and we’re now having the first bbq of the year… the sun doesn’t come out too often in the Isle of Man so we’re making the most of it.

Might get the site live later today; it adds the ability to modify your pledge details, so register with “I’ll choose later Delmorpha because you are a dumbass and haven’t told everyone who the Seals are yet..” :)